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The Neighborhood Network Service was formed in 1996 by Sandy Wolfe and her real estate business partner. The purpose was to provide a network of real estate related services for their clients whenever they had a need while they were moving in or out of their homes. Today, Sandy and her son/partner, Jeff, The Wolfe Team, has continued this network service and hope that others will also use this valuable tool. Definition: A network is an organized collection of your personal contacts and your personal contacts' own networks. Networking is finding fast who you need to get what you need in any given situation and helping others do the same

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  • Selling our house in Canyon Creek is unlike selling a nice house in an ordinary neighborhood. Canyon Creek is rich with a lot of value points for the right buyer. Jeff and the Wolfe Team have the incredible and extraordinary expertise and knowledge about this community and because of this they know how to showcase the area way beyond the house and deep into the community. From our very first meeting with the Wolfe Team there was a sense of trust and straight forward communication that instilled with us the confidence to sign them up as our realtor of choice. You can immediately sense their confidence and understand their abilities to define an action plan for a timely outcome . Don’t forget the woman’s touch. Sandy has an eye for showcasing a property. The Jeff/Sandy team brings it all together. The plan they put into place for us - pricing, timing and efficiency was well executed. We will use them again as our real estate advisors. Thank you! The truth of the matter is “Jeff sold our house" - he is the quintessential sales professional. Bob & Ginger

  • We sold our home in Richardson, and bought a new home in Plano, in April, 2015. Jeff Wolfe made the entire process as easy as it could be. It started in late 2014, when he helped us assess our old home to sell. Based on his advice, we did some de-cluttering, and in March, 2015, when we were ready, we put it on the market. He had previously given his guess as to value, as well as what we could expect from potential buyers. He was spot-on, both in his estimation as to how many viewings we'd get, as well as the value of the house, which ultimately sold for just about the offer price Jeff suggested. We knew the house we wanted, which was a friend's, but one who wanted a private sale. They also had a high initial asking price that. We retained Jeff and the Wolfe Team for our part of the purchase. Here, Jeff was even more helpful. He advised the high asking price was well above his estimate on an appraised value. When seller got a private appraisal, it was right in line with Jeff's estimate. We ultimately agreed on a reasonable price, and from there Jeff did his thing. He lined up financing, coordinated sale of old house and purchase of new, including keeping our buyers on track, to close before our purchase. Throughout all of this, Jeff was available just about any time to talk about the process or any other related questions/clarification. And when he wasn't immediately available, he never failed to respond promptly. Bottom line, we can't imagine anyone else providing a better experience or result to either buy or sell. Jeff and the Wolfe Team were nothing short of amazing! Corey

  • Sandy and Jeff, I want to pass along a "thanks" for being so nice to work with on the Canyon Valley transaction. Brittney and I found you two to be nothing but top notch professionals and very pleasant. I wish all Agents were that nice to deal with so I wanted to let you know you are appreciated from our side! Kim is so excited about her new home and looking forward to many happy memories there. She will make a great neighbor! Regards, Rob Schrickel

  • In the beginning of selling my mother's house I thought I could do it on my own because everybody told me I could. Then my sister-in-law, Rebecca McLaughlin with Keller Williams in Georgetown, called Sandy Wolfe, The Wolfe Team, Keller Williams, Richardson, to help me with the sale of the house. My situation was that there were five owners. We all were in different cities and one was even in a different state. My mother's and stepfather's wills had not been probated. So I had to do all that. Sandy took me every step of the way. There were very difficult times and she was always positive with me and kept telling me we will get through this. I could not have done it without her. I realized how hard real estate people work. If I ever sell my house in Plano or know of anyone else selling or buying, I will call Sandy and Jeff, The Wolfe Team, because she sent emails text and had made numerous phone calls to keep me involved. We were able to find a buyer and close on the house in one month. Sandy was a great friend to me. Pam